About Us

Whether exploring Ontario and its neighbours from the deck of a ferry or the seat of a canoe, we have attempted to illustrate for our readers in words, pictures and maps an overview of the countryside as seen through our eyes.  Each locality that we have visited has brought to us an awareness of endless opportunities for discovery and a realization of the richness that our province provides.  It is our desire to promote this heritage for future generations in the new and exciting world of E-Books.  The Internet is becoming more and more a learning tool in all levels of education, and by means of our publishing company, we hope to release a myriad of informative and entertaining books for your perusal. Our interest lies not only in the present, but also the past. Opening the door for all ages, AdventurePlus Publishing is dedicated to bringing the very best to you. For a pictorial look at the past, visit The Mercantile. We will be adding more vintage postcards regularly to illustrate historical landmarks and ephemera of an earlier time. Bits and Bites and Small Towns are little slices of Ontario served up for your enjoyment. The lighthouse section showcases a number of  North American lighthouses that we have visited and photographed. These beacons were often a matter of life and death to ancient mariners, although today their architectural beauty belies their importance as a navigational aid in a pre-technological world.

There are an infinite number of enjoyable regions to investigate and our mission is to take you to many of these fine locales, whether by E-Books or by perusing other parts of this website. It would be impossible to mention here all the interesting communities that have been included on our website; places that we hope you will be persuaded to visit: Locations such as the haunted Gibraltar Point Lighthouse on Toronto Island, Johnson's Island in Sandusky Bay with its ghostly Civil War cemetery and the historic town of Amherstburg, overlooking Bob Lo Island, once the headquarters of the great Shawnee Chief, Tecumseh. At the end of the Bruce Peninsula, Tobermory, known as the Underwater Capital of Canada and southern terminus of the Chi Cheemaun, Ontario's largest ferry, is a destination for RVers' and scuba divers alike. No matter what your inclination, there is something for everyone in The Ferry Connection.

For some, the adventure is to travel back in time and explore their ancestral roots. Having spent countless hours searching my lineage, I have put together a book, Genealogy My Way, that explains the way I found to weave valuable information together into a delightful family story.

Whether you enjoy paddling quietly through a War of 1812 battlefield or sharing a marsh with a host of Blue Herons, the choice is yours. The Suburban Canoeist will help guide you to some of the more charming creeks, streams and rivers in the Niagara area.

It is never too early to begin your adventure with us; so here is a wonderful spot that can be visited on your next trip to Niagara. This photograph is of an ancestral home built in 1931 at the Woodend Conservation Area in Niagara on the Lake. A half-mile rutted gravel and dirt road winds freely through a forested area to the entrance of the house. Trees and pathways, including a section of the Bruce Trail, surround the property of Woodend, first settled by the family of Peter Lampman, a United Empire Loyalist in 1798.  Isolated from the stresses of more populated areas, enjoy picnics and walks along the trails overlooking the escarpment.